Timbrell Park Redevelopment

We seek your tax-deductible donations to enable our relocation to Timbrell Park. We are committed to a contribution of $15,000 for field hire/use of the upgraded facility for the foreseeable future. So, if you are in a position to make a tax-deductible contribution, please complete and return the Call to Ams Donation Form.

The Timbrell Park redevelopment will progress in two phases:

Phase One

Phase 1 works include the erection of a new back net / fence, back/foul-line fence realignment, extension of foul-line fences, as well as upgrades to the dugouts and spectator seating areas. Phase 1 capital expenditure estimated at $100,000.

These works will commence as soon as this year and our Pacific Coast League team (fourth grade) is currently partnered with Five Dock and using Timbrell as their home field.

Phase Two

Phase 2 works will include ground re-levelling, improved base cut-outs, rebuilt mound and general playing surface upgrade to a first-grade standard. Additional works include upgrades to canteen and storage facilities.

Ground works are scheduled to take place in 2019, with SUBC Sydney Winter Baseball League (first, second and third grade) teams planning to commence utilising the field from 2020.