Sparkling Day For Past v Present


The 2019 edition of the Past v Present match was held on a spectacular Autumn day at Petersham Oval; with a record crowd in attendance.

The Past were remarkably rust-free, defeating the Present 8 - 2. However many have reported the quick onset of rust in the aftermath.

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Highlights from the game included:

  • Two generations of Erbys with base hits.

  • Anthony Gray went 3-for-3 at the plate.

  • James Morley put on an offensive and defensive display.

  • Luke Goldsmith continued the Goldsmith clan 8-year streak of reaching base safely in every plate appearance, when representing the Past.

  • Wade Shipard started for the Past and pitched 3 scoreless innings for the Win.

Tremendous appreciation is due to the Past players, for their unprovoked generosity in donating $1,500 for the benefits of the current students.

Sydney Uni Baseball was honoured to have so many greats in the crowd, with too many to mention. However it was very special to see Lyndall Rushbrooke Beed, Ron Finlay, Jennie Finlay, David Hynes and Neil Barrowcliff; whose names adorn our Scholarships and Perpetual Awards.

Thanks to David Hynes, Hartley Anderson, Geoff Erby, Anthony Gray and James Morley for assembling the Past squad, which also included: Eamon Gratton-Smith, Simon Morley, Nick Goryl, Grant Tranter, James Chiswell, Lee Corbett, Luke Goldsmith, Wade Shipard, Richard deCarvalho, Darby Quoyle, Rod Vincent, Al Grainger and Adam Podnar.

Following the game, the club enjoyed the hospitality of our wonderful sponsor The White Cockatoo Hotel Petersham, with many old war stories shared amongst the generations of club members.

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Wade Shipard