Perpetual Awards

The Club MVP recognises the most valuable player in the club, who is usually always the 1st grade MVP also. The award is named after Jack Mould who was associated with the Club for over 60 years as a player, administrator and coach. In 1927 Mould was chosen to captain NSW. He has a Blue for baseball, and was patron of the club from 1941 to 1983.

The Stump Award is awarded annually to the individual who has displayed the greatest spirited performance to the club over the course of the year, akin to the best and fairest. The stump is actually a part of the tree that hung over first base at Oval 2 and was donated by  Pam Garrett, the mother of Phil Garret,  who one of the best players of the club during the 80's and 90's, and a utility on the best Cynics team from  1971 to 2004.

The Jennie Finlay Encouragement Award is traditionally awarded to a student of The University of Sydney as a 'rookie of the year' type of award. Jennie Finlay is the wife of club stalwart Ron Finlay who was a longstanding player, president and patron of the baseball club.

The David Hynes Club Batting Champion Award was introduced in 2009, in honour of the baseball achievements and long term support of the Club by David Hynes. David was the recipient of the very first scholarship awarded by the Sydney Uni Sport Union back in the early 90’s. David went on to represent Australia at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics where he posted the second highest batting in the tournament.. David is also the starting firstbasemen in the Sydney Uni team of the century.

The Neil Barrowcliff Gold Glove Award was also introduced in 2009 to commemorate the career of former state and Australian representative Neil Barrowcliff. Neil played 12 seasons for NSW at Claxton Shield level and represented Australia on 3 occasions. Neil was selected in the Sydney Uni team of the century as a starting outfielder and was the guest speaker at our centenary dinner back in 2004.